Ms. Spica Tutuhatunewa Consulate General of Indonesia in Melbourne, Australia receive a visit of delegation west java province represented by Mrs. Jatti Indrianti. This moment take a place in 72 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004, Victoria, Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3004 today. The goal of the visit is to gain direct experience on the models of resolution ef sexual abuse in there then to be adapted in West Java

Visit 2 ;
Muslim Women Association 327 Spencer St Melbourne
The MWA has continued to provide its longstanding services to the community from the Linking hearts program whichserves all families,woman and children experiencing homelessness and domestic violience.
The dedicated CEO is Maha Abda, stay in Sydney. Fellow board member/partners is Mrs. Puda.

Visit 3
To The Legal Services Commission has a board of management made up of five Commissioners who determine policy and hear appeals from persons who have been refused legal aid.
Legal assistance is provided through two programs – the Representation Program and the Access Services Program. These two service delivery programs are supported by a Support Services Program.
The Representation Program includes the inhouse criminal law and family law representation and the grants function.
The Access Services Program includes advice, minor assistance, community legal education and library services.
The Support Services Program includes finance, information systems, administration and secretarial functions.

Visit 4:
We are meeting with Leah Marrone Vice Pres. Aust Women Lawyers ,Lawyers-Legal services commission, Premiers council for women, receive a visit of delegation west java province represented by Mrs .Jatti Indrianti. This moment take a place in 159 Gawler Pl, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
From her we learn about Program and the Access Services Program.

As a comparative with us they have support Services Program includes finance, information systems, administration, education, hospital service, secretarial functions. Home, lawyer, and they keep consumen service.
Leah Marrone invite us visit women information and to family lawyer both of them location near from there.

Visit 5
To day we are going to women’s safety services SA Hilton plaza.this services have 6 programs there are Domestic violence crisis kanr, migrant support,woman safety,ninko kurtangga patpangga service,western and sothern violence services

Visit 6
After that Ms. Leah Marrone pick up us visit to Catherine House. This is the team and encourage a family, friends, and work place to get involved
They has motto “Live your best life” Catherine House located in Adeleide city council unity housing and common this place woman violience to be empowering with herself ability, they are doing something to do, that her need, so we can do moving better.

Thanks for God…
Thanks for Ibu Kadis…
We can can get more learning about this, to open our eyes that we can do more for woman, child and family.

Deep Study for Woman's and Family
Deep Study for Woman’s and Family

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